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The first play we are posting in the Publius Productions community is Pieces of Eight.

Eight Millennials and Gen-Xers band together to buy a house in the Kitsilano neighborhood to avoid being forced out of Vancouver but none anticipate the revolutionary consequences. Does the greatest threat to their success come from sinister geopolitical alliances… or from within their own home?

I wrote Pieces of Eight in response to a popular conversational topic in Vancouver, Canada: impossible real estate prices. For viewers unfamiliar with our city of two million, we are rightly called Hollywood North due to the number of movies and TV shows filmed here. We also have a fair amount of tech start-ups, and roughly 25% of the population has Chinese ancestry. Our climate is easily the mildest in Canada, and our crime rate is reasonably low.

I wanted to give an entertaining yet comprehensive answer to those who complain they have no hope of owning property. None of my middle-class characters could on his own afford a detached house in a convenient neighborhood. By pooling their economic clout they carve out big lifestyle improvements. Along the way, they discover some deeper issues lurking behind the scarecrows all young people face.

This performance was recorded live at the 2019 Vancouver Fringe Festival.

The producer’s political views do not necessarily represent his actors’ views, and vice versa.

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